Lockdown Rejuvenation

So it’s Sunday!

And tomorrow Sonny, Lola and I travel to the Lake District for a short holiday with my Mam!

The first time we’ll have seen her since Christmas.

So today was the last day to finish off our latest self catering place in Aberdeen. And we did it!

Do you want to hear about how it went?

Well, you’ll remember from our last blog that we took this project on based on some agents photos and a quick viewing a month or so back.

I was a large place but if I walked in there as a prospective tenant I would walk straight back out.

It was not presented well at all.

A wall a dark closed doors greeted you.

Every door, bar the bathroom, had industrial looking bare ply wood fire doors, and with self closer mechanisms on them so when you first entered it felt a bit like walking into a prison.

The self closers aren’t required for what we do so they had to go.

As did the bare plywood on the doors. A few coat of white would brighten them up no end.

Every room was full of clutter and horrible furniture which also had to go.

The agent had even bought 3 double mattress for the owner but 2 of the bed frames were small doubles so they had bought the wrong size!

Quality attention to detail, haha!

All of those are now replaced with Silent Night memory foam mattresses which we use as a standard across all of our place.

For some reason the room the furthest from the kitchen was being used as living / dining room!

So we moved it to the room nearest the kitchen to improve it from a functionality perspective which also worked better size and layout wise.

I also redecorated this whole room and am delighted with the outcome.

Then onto the kitchen!

Well what can we say about these DARK GREEN tiles?

They had to go haha!

So I painted them.

Then again, and again and again! With 5 (FIVE!) layers of undercoat!

So I can officially confirm that dark green tiles are more difficult to cover then deep purple walls from a previous project! HAHA.

The rest of the room was also freshened up.

I love how the crisp white backdrop now actually brings out the nice colours of the kitchen units, creating a focal point rather than the previous wall green.

As with all of our places it is now fully equipped with everything you’d need.

Now onto the bathroom.

The suite is old but there is nothing wrong with it.

It is functional.

I was undecided with the tiles but they really grew on me during my time working there.

So I kept it simple.

To give a feeling of more light/space the decor, including ex-wood bath panel was refreshed, and the biggest mirror possible as installed to make a feature of the retro tiles and I absolutely love the outcome.

I would ideally have installed a glass shower panel over the bath but due to needing access to the window this is not feasible so just replaced the shower curtain.

Now onto the bedrooms.

They were only partly furnished but were all looking pretty spartan and sorry for themselves and needed a big hug.

I managed to get a lovely king sleigh bed and a single bed into the really spacious mater bedroom.

It may seem a small thing but the dark wood window ledges made the rooms look pretty dreary and dated so they also got a few coats of white.

Bedroom 2 is also spacious so I put a double and a single bed in there and there’s still lots of space to move around.

I picked up some fantastic lined grey/silver curtains to replace the lovely old ones in all of the bedrooms and living room!

This makes a huge difference aesthetically and more importantly will make for a much better nights sleep than the old translucent ones!

To complete the renovation process, we installed our standard key lock box so that guests can remotely access the pace without any human interaction; which has even more benefits with the current worldwide situation…

I’m delighted with the result of a few weeks hard work and how homely the whole place now looks.

And we can’t wait to start hosting the lovely families and contractors/business groups which we usually welcome to our places!

I hope that you enjoyed reading about our little renovation project and if anything I’ve written strikes any thoughts or questions I’d love to hear all of them. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 


8 thoughts on “Lockdown Rejuvenation


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    1. Hi Ann, thanks for those kind words.

      I really appreciate your encouragement!

      Thanks. Yes I ran a wee poll on our @dwellcomehomeabz Facebook page and the living room was the run away winner so you obviously have good taste haha! I will do that, really looking forward to some rest time.

      Thanks again and hope we can host you sometime soon 🙂



    2. Cheers Ann! Yeah! The living room won the vote I ran on my facebook page hands down! Thanks for your comment. Really appreciate it. Colin.


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