A new Project


My personal life wasn’t exactly idyllic at this point in time.

Lets just say I was trying to be the best dad I could be under the circumstances. 

That was my main aim. 

But I’d just lost my contract as a design fire and explosion safety engineer with Shell due to the oil and gas 2015 downturn and needed a project to focus on.

And you are now looking at it! 

44 Hartington Terrace, South Shields, NE33 4DE. 

And it needed A LOT of TLC.

But I got a lot of bang for my bucks. 

Especially compared to the prices I was used to in Aberdeen! 

4 bedrooms! 3 of them were huge. 

A separate living room with a fantastic view!

And a kitchen and dining room, neither of which were to my liking but were livable for now. 

Loads of scope. 

Initially I bought 44 Hartington as a base for when we were visiting South Shields as my now sprouting teenage kids and myself had outgrown my mams spare room! 

And it would also serve as a base for my new HSE Manager position which I had secured at an electronics manufacturer in Northumberland which I juggled between seeing Sonny & Lola during alternate weekends and half the holidays.

Would you like to hear about my journey to take this grand old place from Victorian era to the modern day?

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