14/9/20 Sunday Afternoon Family Walk

This afternoon, well yesterday but you know what I mean, I managed to drag my teenage son and daughter out for a walk.

I wanted to head into the highlands, or maybe along Deeside but the script from my daughter was to “walk into town.” So given that she accompanied me for a wee trip to see the seals at Newburgh Beach yesterday, well Saturday but you know what I mean, I had to go with her ‘suggestion’.

So we waked down the swanky Rubislaw Den North, such a beautiful tree lined avenue, full of houses that look like mini castles.

Until we got to Queens Cross roundabout.

Queen Vic – Queens Cross Roundabout, Queens Road.

I don’t get out much these days since ‘you know what’ landed so couldn’t walk past Cafe Cognite without sampling one of their fine Cappuccinos. My walking partners were thankful of this pitstop to get in some valuable mobile phone time!

INSERT church and coffee pic

Then we headed along Rubislaw Terrace Gardens (near to our 2 Clarmeont Street self catering apartments) and it was nice to see Number 10s new (COVID era/friendly) beer garden/marquee getting out to some good use. My suggestion of supporting this local business was poo poo’d by my compatriots.

Next stop St Marys Cathedral, which I only really discovered was a cathedral by writing my new found love (in a perseverance type of loving way) for using social media to promote my self catering business…

Then we cut along Union Street, Aberdeens main drag (see our Insta posts for our no infamous lockdown walk to the beach with loads of photos along this beautiful thoroughfare).

And then turned left at the Music Hall to the magnificent Golden Square, and said hello to George, the fifth and last Duke of Gordon!

Was sad to see the Globe closed (I think) as we walked past, having had so many great night in there over the years watching some great live bands.

Then cut down Skene Terrace to Rosemount Viaduct and the fantastic view of the Central Library, His Majesties

To Robert Gordons to admire the architecture there and decided to head back home from there.

Then back past this really cool street electical/control box dressed up to look like a block of flats! How cool? All part on the amazing NUART Aberdeen street art festival. Well worth doing that walking tour around our amazing city.

Then back past the swanky houses again this time along Rubislaw Den South.

And finally back along the burn.

Following the burn back to Queens Road, then home.

I do love our city and walking it’s great streets but I fear that my kids have become addicted to it after our 5 mile lockdown days.

Please let’s go into the hills next time Pet πŸ˜‰

Have a great Monday folks.

Colin & Clan. X

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