North East England Local Lockdown

There are new restrictions in place for South Tyneside as of today.

South Shields earlier this summer on our family holidays

This is what these restrictions mean for our self catering business and our great guests:

– Residents and visitors to the area are only able to socialise with those from the same household or support bubble.

– Pubs and restaurants must close between the hours of 10pm and 5am.

– This means that for the time being we are unable to accept bookings for groups from separate households.

– We are still open for bookings for those from the same household or support bubble.

If you fall into any of the allowed categories we have decent availability at our 3 & 4 bedroom South Shields Self Catering Homes and would love to host you!



PS – I have to say like, this Shields lockdown is Lockdown Lite compared to what we got in Aberdeen! Haha!

Up here pubs, cafes and bars were COMPLETELY SHUT and we couldn’t travel more than 5 miles for leisure!

Sanddancers, you’ve got it easy man! Haha.

Stay safe out there folks! 🙂

2 thoughts on “North East England Local Lockdown

  1. Yes its a laugh Colin, you can go in a pub etc but only have 6 in your family bubble.
    We haven’t had any new cases here for a month.
    we went for a walk the other day unfortunately didn’t time it right, and the local High school was coming
    it was like being in football crowd, they are keeping them separated in school once the pupils are out its every man for themselves, we wouldn’t mind but they are spread all over the road. Rant over keep safe out there.

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