South Shields Guide: Where next? You choose!

Who recognises this view?

Marsden Bank, South Shields – near the end of the Great North Run (Photo: Stephen Moran)

I do.

The KILLER Marsden Bank!

If you’ve ever done the Great North Run (worlds biggest half marathon) you’ll know as the final mile of so is after this killer bank!

If you know you know…🥰👌

We’ve been busy today working on our properties so haven’t got round to wiring our next blog but would like your help if that okay!

Please help us choose what to write about next.


A for Marsden Beach – over the road and down the steps from this very point, or

B for the BIG (Sandhaven) Beach

Have a great night, Colin.

PS – still open for non leisure guests at our self catering places 5 minutes from here – only to non leisure guests currently.

3 thoughts on “South Shields Guide: Where next? You choose!

  1. The Marsden Bank it sure is a killer spent a lot of years walking from the nook, down the steps to the beach, but the walk back was harder, when your young you take everything in your stride.
    Happy memories Thanks Colin

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