I’m a 70s kid from north east England.

We got our first inside toilet when I was 4 years old in our new council house!

No more freezing bum in the winter! Yay!

My happy childhood was spent exploring, playing football and getting up to no good in every nook and cranny in the housing estate where we lived and beyond!

I worked in bars to fund my adolescent shenanigans, followed Sunderland AFC all over the country, played guitar in a band with mates and still managed to scrape a “Desmond” (2:2) at Sunderland Uni! Quite an achievement you’ll agree!

Even armed with my fresh degree certificate, the guaranteed £20k a year job which the careers guidance teacher promised never materialised so my working life began as a Shipyard Chemist earning less money than I was in my local supermarket!

The shipyards closed and I landed in Aberdeen, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 to work the Oil & Gas industry as a fire & explosion safety engineer (stopping things from going bang 💥) in 2000 until I lost my contract in the industry downturn in 2015.

Oh and somewhere in between there my 2 children came along into my world. 👨‍👦‍👦

Hardly a sound base for a blooming self catering hospitality business I hear you cry. Right….? Well, let me continue…

After another change of circumstances I renovated, then started to “Airbnb” my first Aberdeen apartment between spending alternate weekends there myself with my children to cover the costs, having previously been a traditional landlord with it since 2004.

I loved welcoming guests from all over the world 🌎 and soon got the bug. I wanted to set up more lovely places for folk to enjoy while they were away from home.

So after setting up a house in Aberdeen we renovated a Victorian townhouse maisonette, then a beach apartment back in South Shields for future guests to enjoy, and they they did.

So over the next few years we worked hard to add even more properties to our portfolio!

We now proudly run 9 beautiful properties, 5 in Aberdeen & 4 in South Shields, on a full time basis.

Our minimalist (Skandi) yet homely style is a hit with everyone so we feel we’re getting things just right!

So right now we’re just making the most of the lockdown and even managed to set up another place during the lockdown!

April 2020: My 2 teenagers and myself taking a break during a lockdown walk!

Why Choose Us?

(Apart from the fact that we have amazing properties at great prices!)

Cost Effective

Coming from humble beginnings and a strong working class background I know how to keep things lean. Apart from our amazing cleaning teams, we don’t subcontract out pricing, channel management, messaging, photos, staging, gardening, maintenance, etc, etc! We are hands on and do most things in-house (even our website development!). As a result we can keep our places cost effective and excellent value. We will always try to work with our clients to get something that fits into their budget. So please get in touch!


No cloning (i.e. fake) properties – photos you see are the places you will stay in if you choose to book with us. Please google our company and property names and you will find them on Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway, etc with genuine reviews from bookers. But don’t book with them…book direct with us for best prices and service.


No portfolios of 100s of properties spread over dozens of cities to get distracted by. We manage a realistic number of places with great efficiency. Assurance of this statement is provided by our consistent 10/10 & 5/5 reviews.


Many operators cancel a booking if they can take a booking at a higher price. Or if you cancel they are hard nosed and “sorry! no refund!” We try to be human about our business and be fair with out guests! Once booked our calendars are blocked out and your stay is guaranteed and if you cancel we’ll do our best to compensate you.

Well Thought Out

Having a strong background in design and construction teams helps hugely here! I personally stay at all of our places both during renovation (which I carry out/manage myself) so things are right from the start.


I know that if you but cheap, you buy twice! So our places, like our business, are built to last…

Well Maintained

I stay regularly, often with my children, so any issues, no matter how small are identified and corrected on an ongoing basis.

Direct Personal Communication

No outsourcing guest communications to “virtual assistants” in international call centres, with no knowledge of the property & area. You deal directly with me during booking and stay; the person who knows each place and area inside out – see guest feedback in property details for assurance. I try to call each guest on booking to talk them though the process of their stay.

Erm, And More Focused!

No owner/manager juggling a day job or delivering serviced accommodation “mentoring” or “expert training courses.” Our sole focus is on our properties and providing top service to our amazing guests. No other distractions.

Emergency Support!

If anything does crop up during your stay we have an amazing support team of cleaners & tradespeople (and if all else fails my mam will pop round!).

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