Fox and Matilda’s Home from Home

These 2 little bundles of energy are called Fox and Matilda! Do you want to hear their story? Fox and Matilda enjoying a wee picnic in our back garden after the intense heat of Houston it must feel such a releif to be exploring outdoors! Well the story starts when Sonny, Lola and myself were […]


The reintroduction of the quarantine rule for Spain has reinforced that STAYCAYTIONS are the way forward for UK holiday makers for the foreseeable future. Who needs to go abroad when we are blessed to live on such an island so rich in natural beauty? We have so much to discover right here on our doorstep. […]

Sporting Tales and Highland Adventures

Following on from my last personal kinda blog, in early 2014 I went to see Sunderland at Wembley. The 5th time since my first visit for the 1985 Milk Cup Final when I was 11 years old and they broke my heart. This time Man City were the opponents in the league cup final. I got […]

Guess the UK’s top trending place to visit in 2020

Did you know which city was the only place from the UK to be listed Airbnb’s top 20 trending destinations to visit in 2020? ABERDEEN! Of course. The FAMOUS Aberdeen. Now as we all know we didn’t really get much time to start our 2020 travels when the big padlock landed right over all of our […]

A Victorian Townhouse Restoration

In early 2016 I bought a Victorian townhouse maisonette in my old hometown of South Shields. Black front door in a beautiful quiet residential street I landed in South Shields on the 9th February with my furniture and all my belongings from my Aberdeen house (I actually travelled down in the removal van!) and helped […]

Our 3rd (Mid July-ish) Update

I’ve modified this blog post from an update I have started writing for our VIP email subscribers And if you’d like to sign up or share with any friends, family or colleagues click into the above link and enter your name and email! Simple. Anyway! I’m sitting on our decking writing this on my laptop. The sun […]

Joe was a Bricklayer

My Granda’ was called Joe. And Joe was a bricklayer. Joseph Henderson Atkinson was brought up in Tyne Dock, South Shields in North East England. A hard working class area. And he was a hard working man. Loved by all of his family. The rock. In a quiet, unassuming way from my childhood memories. And […]

A Very Different Summer Holiday

So here we are at the end of our summer holiday! The last morning before we drive back up home. Sitting on the dock of the bay wasting time? Well, sitting in on of our self catering South Shields holiday home really writing this blog post! And its been a funny one to say the […]

Thanks to all Key Workers

When lockdown came it felt a bit like when you slipped off the pedals on your BMX as a kid and you landed right on the top bar. REET between your legs. Ouch! A rare event but very painful and there seemed no way to make it feel better. Hotels and bed and breakfasts (places […]

Happy Post Lockdown!

For someone who didn’t really enjoy social media, lately I’ve tried really hard and persevered to let people know about our self catering places and seem to be finally be getting something going and some traction. I have also went a bit ballistic, on our blog. I have always wanted to write a blog. Then I heard […]