The reintroduction of the quarantine rule for Spain has reinforced that STAYCAYTIONS are the way forward for UK holiday makers for the foreseeable future.

Who needs to go abroad when we are blessed to live on such an island so rich in natural beauty?

Sporting Tales and Highland Adventures

Following on from my last personal kinda blog, in early 2014 I went to see Sunderland at Wembley. The 5th time since my first visit for the 1985 Milk Cup Final when I was 11 years old and they broke my heart. This time Man City were the opponents in the league cup final. IContinue reading “Sporting Tales and Highland Adventures”

The Hardest Thing in the World

This is the hardest it’s felt to get started since I started my fledgling blogging career a week ago.

Every other topic I’ve written about has just flowed, even though I normally have such a terrible memory. I’ve surprised myself.

They’ve mainly been nice happy stories, even My Letter to my Dad, despite the sadness it was happy memories.

But the end of a relationship is never going to be a good story.

Lockdown Benefits…

The human impact of the pandemic is horrendous, clearly but considering the self isolation aspect alone, pun intended, I have enjoyed the lockdown so far.

The main reason is that it has brought us much closer together as a family. The bonds between Sonny, Lola and myself have been strengthened massively.

And I am so grateful for this.