Aberdeen City Winter Woodland Walk

During the first lockdown, like many we slowed down. My kids decided to start spending half their time with me which we still do. We bonded more. And much of that was done in our family walks round our local area. The COVID rules were that we couldn’t leave the house apart from essential reasonsContinue reading “Aberdeen City Winter Woodland Walk”


This is a story about togetherness, Christmas and community spirit. Right here. In the heart of a hard working class town in the the North East of England. A special town. That is called South Shields. But it could equally have been Aberdeen! Which, despite some of the negative stories, a spirit which remains strongerContinue reading “Togetherness”

COVID Levels and Guidance for Aberdeen and South Shields – our interpretation and application

Background: We have had some, let’s just say ‘unusual’ booking enquiries recently. Or to use a good Aberdonian phrase folk who are ‘at it.’ A 2 week enquiry to have some ‘time out over the Christmas period’ which then turned into ‘take it for 1 month and if my work is longer will take itContinue reading “COVID Levels and Guidance for Aberdeen and South Shields – our interpretation and application”

Necessary Evil Versus the Power of Social Media

Until the last year or so I have been busy building our small family business up. Literally almost brick by brick. But not quite! We’ve went from 2-3 places to 8-9, 250 miles apart in the last 2 years or so. Make that 258! That’s a fair few extra beds to fill. Especially when you’reContinue reading “Necessary Evil Versus the Power of Social Media”