Things to Do in and around Aberdeen!

We have started to document our love for Aberdeen and the surrounding area on our Aberdeen FacebookInstagram and YouTube accounts and kinda summarise them through our VIP mail list (so please feel free to like, follow and subscribe!).

But apart from the odd blog post we haven’t quite got round to documenting all that Aberdeen has to offer here on our own real estate; our website, until now!

So we are going to start to catalogue the amazing things to do, suggested days out, etc based on sharing our knowledge gained during our personal adventures all over the region our the last 20 years to help our great guests plan their trip to Aberdeen and the amazing areas around us.

And every single of these gems are within an hour or so’s drive from Aberdeen.

This is a work in progress, starting today 22/9/20 (Im writing the date to give me some accountabiltiy) so please bear with us while we build it up from our extensive knowledge and experience of the area. Below is my straw man, headings to be added to, and fleshed out in the coming weeks, months and years! Well lets get cracking!

PS – I have decided that the winner of our Facebook comp to choose our new profile photo will be the first entry I will write up. I’d love to hear your feedback, here or on our Facebook page. Cheers. Colin.

The Castles

Write up overview of recent visits to Drum, Crathes, Fyvie, Craigievar, Dunottar, New Slains, Old Slains, Castle Fraser, etc and see where we go from there…

Aberdeen Beach

Write specifically about the cities coastal area from my experience, the harbour, etc. Keep it to Aberdeen – the Shire, etc will have their own section.

Aberdeen City Centre Urban Area

Write up suggested walking routes, history, some of my favourite buildings, sculptures, street art, etc.

Aberdeens amazing parks and gardens; Johnston Gardens, Duthie, Hazlehead, Seaton, Victoria & Westburn Parks.

Photo: Johnston Gardens, a 5 minute walk from our Aberdeen 4 bedroom self catering house.

How to make centuries old castles suddenly tilt! (joke!) Sorry, there’s always one as they say haha.

Summarise the sights to be seen along the Deeside Way (cycle path along the old railway line out to Ballater and the historys – Queen Vic buying part of the land to prevent them taking it near Balmoral!)

Southbound again – share coastal adventures heading south of town; Torry, Cove, Stoney, Catterline, Johnshaven, St Cyrus et al.

West End Travels – Suggest some itineraries heading inland from Aberdeen.

Fyvie Castle & Gardens, Haddo House, Tarves and great lunch – day trip

The Shires Farming Heritage; and where to find Coo Candy Coo’s (Highland Cattle)

The Shires plethora of unspoilt beaches – share them all. The popular ones, often overlooked and hidden gems.

Aberdeens Granite History – summarise chat with Hugh, co-owner of Rubislaw Quarry.

The Black Stuff – the importance of the oil and gas industry. Stick photo of the Maritime Museum or Harbour in.

OUR Aberdeen patch – write a section about our favourite spots, local to us, hidden gems, document our family lockdown, etc walks, from Rubislaw Quarry into town.

Maybe write a section for each area local to our serviced accommodation with the best places to explore (take from our guide to the area we end guests) – Clarmeont Street, Airyhall, Rosemount, and King Street/Old Aberdeen.

Get into the hills – suggest some nice jants out into Deeside, etc, Bennachie, Clachnaben, Scolty, Burn o Vat, Gel Tanar .

Aberdeens Darker Side…..

Last hanging in Scotland, ghost stories, allegedly most haunted places in Britain….many castles murky past…

My Scotland

Write up a kind of FAQs of the basics of Scotland from my perspective, aimed at overseas visitors who aren’t au fait with the culture.

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