Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to book is directly with us. We will be cheaper than any third party site.

Contact us via email colin@dwellcomehome.com or telephone 07930 521 367 to discuss your request.

You might think this is a bit daft in todays world of instant gratification.

We like the old fashioned touch of human interaction and prefer a couple of messages or a phone call to ensure that your requirements will be met exactly rather than a faceless transaction before booking and not being sure if the place will be right for you.

We think this is right for both our great clients (which are almost exclusively business clients) and ourselves.We are proud of our personal touch and impeccable customer service and that is what you will get if you book with us.

Although we can cater for last minute emergency bookings for our regular clients, some things are just worth waiting for as every single one of our guests/clients will agree.


The vast majority of our booking come direct from organisations who book direct  with us for several weeks to months.

We get a lot of clients for several months needing emergency accommodation whilst relocating, between house moves or following fire, flood, etc at their own properties or whilst working in the area away from their own homes.

They keep rebooking as our places are all impeccably maintained, furnished, equipped, with good parking and the fastest broadband speed available in the areas we operate (typically 66-100Mbps).

It is not rocket science, we just consistently get the basics right.

We don’t really take shorter bookings these days so take very few leisure bookings.

Once we’ve determined that your dates and preferred property is available and you accept the quotation (remember we will always be cheaper than any third party site you see us on) and most importantly you agree to our T&Cs we will send our invoice for payment to secure.

Bank transfer is our preferred method of payment (as is commission free for us so we can pass the saving on to you, the guest) but can also take credit card and cash.

Rates quoted are correct only for the specific number of guests, nights and dates shown. Should you change the number of guests, dates or room nights, then the rates are subject to change.

Yes, every single one of our places has FREE parking. At our South Shields places there is ample free street parking typically.

In Aberdeen we have allocated free parking spaces or driveway parking for 2 vehicles at our houses.

Please let us know if you have any specific parking requirements when you enquire and we’ll make sure you get what you want.


Fully-equipped kitchen with cooker, fridge, freezer, microwave, kitchen utensils and most with dishwashers.

We are typically 7 night minimum stay.

We have gained a great reputation for longer term / regular stay from businesses so this aligns with the needs of our core clients.

Again, we operate different to a lot of operators.

We are fair.

Since the very start of the COVID pandemic we have given full refunds.

That included folks who were with us when the lockdown hit and had to leave early due to the restrictions, we refunded many many thousands of pounds but that is how we operate.

We treat folk the way we would like to be treat.

Well, you will already have agreed to our T&Cs (otherwise we wont take your booking).

We will send you our house manual which is individual for each property. It will detail everything we can think of from where the property is, what colour the front door is, where the key box is, how the washing machine works, which tray to put the detergent in – it’s always the one marked with the Roman numeral ‘II’ folks ;), WIFI code, and most importantly: where to put general waste/recycling.

We’ve got all bases covered.

And a day or so before you arrive we will send you the check in message with key code to access the property.

We love all animals and generally welcome all pets as long as they are accompanied by responsible owners.

Read our T&Cs and the pets section if you have pets and are thinking of booking.

We require that pets are not allowed on furniture, in bedrooms, are clean/dry when entering apartment, and are not allowed to foul on our premises.

And, if your dog is likely to bark and cause excessive noise when in the property we are unable to accommodate you out of respect to our great neighbours.

Again, let us know on enquiry and we will do our best to accommodate you if you and your pet can comply with our requirements.

We are parents ourselves and partly started doing what we do to have a nice base when we travelled with our (now teenage) 2 children back ‘home’ from Aberdeen to South Shields.

So yes, we welcome children to our accommodation and if get sufficient notice will do our best to provide a high chair and travel cot free of charge.

Maximum numbers of guests are stated on each property page.

And we STRICTLY only allow the numbers of persons booked and paid for into the apartment.

If you would like to deviate from this please let us know during the enquiry phase.

We have measures in place to identify if this rule is broken and any guests not sticking to this house rule will have their booking terminated immediately if any additional persons enter the property as it violates our T&Cs and all guests removed. 

Our places should ready for you by 4pm, however if we do not have guests vacating on your arrival day we are happy for you to check in earlier.

Please ask if this is possible a few days prior to your arrival.

If we can offer an earlier check in time we will and we wont try to fleece you for the privilege.

Remember we are fair.

Check out times is latest 10am strictly

9pm to avoid noise disturbances to our great neighbours. Please do not request to book if you cannot arrive earlier than this.

Using our Key Box which is at each property entrance.

We provide the fastest speed available at all properties.

This is 100Mbps at the vast majority of our places, and where this is not possible around 50-60Mpbs which is perfect for usage from a few devices.

There are loads of supermarket options at all of our places and you are welcome to get a food delivery ordered, or just nip round the corner to the local shops!

If you have any specific questions you can contact us at any time before, during or after your stay and we will do our best to help.

No, we supply clean bed linen and towels for your stay.

This is typically:

Beds: Waterproof (the Terry Towelling type not the horrible noisy ones) PLUS normal mattress protectors, fitted sheet, duvet, duvet cover, good quality pillows, pillow protectors, pillow cases.

Towels: One bath towel per guest, hand towel in bathrooms, tea towel.

Soft furnishings: since COVID came into our lives we took the decision to minimise soft furnishings, so removed throws and minimised cushions to make things easier for our great cleaners.

Other than your suitcases, nothing that we can think of.

Every single one of out kitchens is equipped with all that you need for cooking (saucepans, frying pan etc) and cutlery, glasses and crockery.

One of our most common review comments is how well stocked our places are which we are very proud of.
We also provide; vacuum cleaners, mops, hairdryers, cleaning products, iron and ironing boards at all of our places.

We offer a self catering/serviced accommodation service. Not a tenancy.

So all bills are included (gas/electricity, broadband, water, council tax, etc), even for longer stays.

We also will typically include mid stay cleans for longer duration bookings

Our properties are strictly not for events/parties, or for guests who will not respect my neighbours, specifically in terms of noise. Strictly no events (I.e. photoshoots, etc unless by prior agreement). And as said previously only persons booked into the property are allowed to enter the property.

We have lovely neighbours who help me with our properties in many cases, and are also my friends. Please do not book if you are not confident that the whole occupants will keep to this throughout your stay. If there are noise or any other complaints will be removed and booking ended immediately as per our T&Cs.

We know that post COVID or wherever we are now that outside spaces are important to some guests.

Our Boldon, Tyne & Wear and Airyhall Drive, Aberdeen houses have private lawned gardens which are ideal outdoor living in the warmer months.

Our apartments do not have outside spaces, other than where the bins are stored in the back yards and are not set up for guest use.

Strictly no.

We do not provide BBQs and do not allow their use at our properties. We do not allow the use of candles either.

Sorry we’ve looked into hot tubs and although seem a nice idea are more trouble than they’re worth 🙂

And don’t allow them to be hired either, we aren’t insured for them so if you want a hot tub please look for alternative accommodation.

999 for emergencies obviously but if you cant find the answer in the house manual, just give me a call and we will help.

You ring my number, I will answer. No call centres in some far flung country who has never been to the UK, let alone set up the property.

I will help you out directly myself.

Apart from our numerous top scoring reviews on our website from past guests, you can check out our Dwellcome Home Aberdeen and South Tyneside social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, give them a like/follow and check out our past posts and reviews on there to verify that we are the people we say we are.
100% transparent.

Please check out our Terms & Conditions or ask us by giving us a call or using our enquiry form.

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