Main Objectives:

 To create a comfortable home away from home for all guests (Contractors, corporate, relocation, vacation / holiday guests) at competitive prices whilst having a customer service second to none.

Our Strategy

The personal approach

I personally stay at all of our places both during renovation (which I carry out myself) so things are right from the start and I stay regularly thereafter, often with my children, so any issues, no matter how small are identified and corrected on an ongoing basis.


So if you choose to stay at any of our homes for business or pleasure you can be assured that all of the above will be in place resulting in a safe, comfortable and warm environment and I am sure you will love your time there.

Colin Atkinson, Dwellcome Home, Owner/Manager..

Aberdeen —
18 Viewfield Gardens, Aberdeen AB15 7XN, United Kingdom

South Tyneside —
44 Hartington Terrace NE33 4DE South Shields

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