My Journey from Tyneside Shipyards, Engineering in Aberdeen to Hospitality

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South Shields, Tyne & Wear. Photo Credit: Ready Steady Shoot.

Hospitality Engineering

I got asked if I wanted to do the Safety Engineering on a Scottish Space Centre yesterday.

I kid you not…

Landlords: We need your properties!

We are expecting a large booking in the next few weeks which means we will need at least one or 2 extra properties in Aberdeen to fulfil the order.

So if you or anyone you know has a property in Aberdeen which is empty please get in touch.

Our South Shields Guide: Introduction

Our South Shields Guide: Introduction

If you come here for work or any other reason I really hope that this personal guide helps you find some nice places to enjoy.

And the hot off the press results of the ‘what do you call the little beach’ poll!


This is a story about togetherness, Christmas and community spirit. Right here. In the heart of a hard working class town in the the North East of England. A special town. That is called South Shields. But it could equally have been Aberdeen! Which, despite some of the negative stories, a spirit which remains strongerContinue reading “Togetherness”

Keep Moving Forward

We took a great booking last week. For 2 months from this Wednesday. From 2 great guys from mainland Europe. They are in the armed forces. And coming for mandatory training. A booking we can take and stay within the rules. Like we always do. It was a life saver for both parties. Many localContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward”

COVID Levels and Guidance for Aberdeen and South Shields – our interpretation and application

Background: We have had some, let’s just say ‘unusual’ booking enquiries recently. Or to use a good Aberdonian phrase folk who are ‘at it.’ A 2 week enquiry to have some ‘time out over the Christmas period’ which then turned into ‘take it for 1 month and if my work is longer will take itContinue reading “COVID Levels and Guidance for Aberdeen and South Shields – our interpretation and application”

22/9/20 Update

Well since the weekend when I wrote our last update we’ve received the first batch of photos from Adam and they are GREAT! We took more photos today, and a video walk though of all of the places so can wait to see and share them with you all.


The reintroduction of the quarantine rule for Spain has reinforced that STAYCAYTIONS are the way forward for UK holiday makers for the foreseeable future.

Who needs to go abroad when we are blessed to live on such an island so rich in natural beauty?

Sporting Tales and Highland Adventures

In July we had a fantastic lads trip into the highlands.

A bunch of us left Aberdeen at 4am in the morning to climb Ben Nevis.

We got to the base of Ben Nevis for 8am, were up and down by 3pm and propping up the bar not long after that!

Our standards
Family bathroom. Large bath tub and walk in shower

A Victorian Townhouse Restoration

Just after the new year of 2016 I bought this Victorian townhouse maisonette in my old hometown of South Shields.

I also wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with the place so I decided to live in it for a while first.

I didn’t want to hurry into any rash decisions which I would regret later.

Our 3rd (Mid July-ish) Update

I’m sitting on our decking writing this on my laptop.

The sun is blaring down and life feels good.

I normally feel terrible when my time with Sonny and Lola is coming to an end (tomorrow they go back to their mams after 2 weeks with me) but don’t this time for some reason.

We’ve had a lovely little staycation holiday.

Joe was a Bricklayer

My Granda’ was called Joe.

And Joe was a bricklayer.

From a hard working class area.

And he was a hard working man.

Loved by all of his family.

The rock.

A Very Different Summer Holiday

So here we are at the end of our summer holiday! The last morning before we drive back up home.

And its been a funny one to say the least.

In the week or 2 leading up to it we didn’t even know if we would be allowed to come!

Thanks to all Key Workers

When lockdown came it felt a bit like when you fell forward off your bike seat as a kid and you landed on the cross bar.

REET between your legs.


A rare event but very painful and there seemed no way to make it feel better.

But we felt lucky to be in a position to be able to potentially help those in need of accommodation.

Happy Post Lockdown!

For someone who didn’t really enjoy social media, lately I’ve tried really hard and persevered to let people know about our self catering places and seem to be finally be getting something going and some traction.

Single Dad Smiling

When we got to Legoland we discovered that it was CLOSED!

The kids were devastated.

I tried to soften their disappointment by suggesting a cheeky look in the hotel.

The hotel was SUPERB.

“Some serious dad brownie points are on the table here,” I thought.

A new Project

My personal life wasn’t exactly idyllic at this point in time.

I’d just lost my contract as a design fire and explosion safety engineer with Shell due to the oil and gas 2015 downturn and needed a project to focus on.

And you are now looking at it!

Lockdown Rejuvenation

So it’s Sunday!

And tomorrow Sonny, Lola and I travel to the Lake District for a short holiday with my Mam!

The first time we’ll have seen her since Christmas.

So today is the last day to finish off our latest self catering place in Aberdeen!

Do you want to hear about how it went?

Post Lockdown Optimism

Sorry I haven’t been as prolific at getting these blogs out in the last week or 2.

I’ve been busy.

A lady called me 2-3 weeks ago.

Someone I had no links to.

So she saw something I’d shared on Facebook about our self catering homes.

And she was impressed about how I was trying different things in these trying times.

Look after your Regulars

A lovely lady called Angela who runs a B&B in Aberdeen and helped me out when I lived out of the area and came back to spend time with my children.

She gave us a lovely homely place to stay for our precious weekends together. I will always remember her warm hospitality.

She also taught me a valuable lesson.

A 40th to Remember

My 40th was coming up.

I felt that I needed a bit of a blow out.

So organised a bar crawl around the harbour area of Aberdeen on Saturday night.

But before Saturday came I had a wee adventure to tackle…

A Trip of Noteworthy Mention

I decided that the rest of 2013 would consist of getting as much fun packed into my time off work as possible.

Kicking off with our first proper trip away in the camper.

There was no set plan, just to head west or north from Aberdeen, wild camp as much as possible and wing it!

Load of Bollocks

I’ve always fancied writing a blog.

Well for a good few years anyway.

And since then an old friend asked “Why are you writing the blog?”

Well I’ll tell you.

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