Thanks South Shields and Aberdeen

Great news folks!

Our overseas guests who over for a training course made it to the UK today.

Despite the flight closures which started earlier in the week.

So ALL of our South Shields self catering places are helping guests who are in the area.

For work or training over the next few weeks and months.

And 2 of these guests heard of us through Facebook; through you!

So thanks a million SOUTH SHIELDS.


And everyone else.

For helping us.

Helping us to get through this.

The roughest patch the hospitality industry has seen in a generation.

We really appreciate your help. If you want to let anyone know of us who we could help.

Who might need a place to stay now or in future, please connect with us.

On our Aberdeen or South Shields Facebook pages.

On our Aberdeen or South Shields Linked in pages.

On our Aberdeen or South Shields Instagram pages.

On our Aberdeen or South Shields YouTube channels.

Or to our VIP mail list.

And tell all of your friends, family and colleagues of us.

Have a great Christmas Eve Eve!


PS – we’ve had a few attempted bookings from some dafties who should know better.

So we are closing our 3rd party calendars out to stop more chancers (who aren’t allowed to travel/book).

But this place, our 4 bed South Shields apart townhouse is available from now until 3rd Jan if you know anyone who need accommodation in an emergency, i.e. work, flood, etc.

And ALL of our Aberdeen places are also available.

Cheers again. Colin.

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