Keep Moving Forward

We took a great booking last week.

For 2 months from this Wednesday.

From 2 great guys from mainland Europe.

They are in the armed forces.

And coming for mandatory training.

A booking we can take and stay within the rules.

Like we always do.

It was a life saver for both parties.

Many local hotels, etc are closed.

So they were really struggling to find accommodation.

Call after call.

There was no room at the inn….

But we are keeping our doors open for those that need accommodation for allowed purposes.

As we are so active on Facebook they managed to find us.

And find a nice place to stay!

But as the news came in of many countries banning flights to the UK we have just reached out to them in the last few minutes.

And they have confirmed that flights from thier home country are likely to close from tomorrow.

But I have their money in the bank, so who cares right?


WE care.

Although disappointed and it will hit me in the pocket directly.

WE will give them a FULL REFUND if that is what they choose.

The loss of money will hit us hard but it is what we do.


Like my mam brought me up.

Treat others the way you would like to be treat.

We aren’t insured against this and will receive no grants, etc.

And we won’t get down by this it as it seems likely it will inevitably happen.

Just like these kayakers I saw on Shields beach a few years ago, we’ll just keep moving forward.

But it is hard right now to do this by yourself.

And that is why I am asking for YOUR help right now.

If you would like to help a local business.

Who act with integrity.

Please don’t give us sympathy.

Instead PLEASE show our blog, our social media pages some love and let your friends see us by sticking it on your pages and telling them of us. It will help us find folk who may need EMERGENCY accommodation right now.

Thanks for reading, Colin.

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