This is a story about togetherness, Christmas and community spirit.

Right here.

In the heart of a hard working class town in the the North East of England.

A special town.

That is called South Shields.

But it could equally have been Aberdeen!

Which, despite some of the negative stories, a spirit which remains stronger than ever.

Despite the obvious ‘natural’ divisions caused by ‘you know what.’

And how the mad world we are living in at the minute is literally changing things and emotions on a daily basis.

And how the people of South Shields who love to help.

And are the best at it.

You might remember our post a week or so ago.

About how 2 guys from overseas travelling for a training course were struggling for accommodation in the town.

Partly because some third parties have forced places to close their calendars.

And partly because many local hotels (in both Aberdeen and South Shields) have taken the decision to shut their doors temporarily due to lack of leisure travellers.

Some places have furloughed staff, taken government support.

But we have not had this option so have worked hard to get work out about our self catering places.

And help people who need work and emergency accommodation at a time when it is hard to find it.

To cover our bills.

And you have helped us.

Get word our to help folk who need excellent quality accommodation find us.

So Alan and his colleague found us via Facebook, contacted us and booked with us.


The best way.


Their booking was a godsend in this climate so we were buzzing.

Then seeming disaster struck, with many countries banning flights to the UK we expected the guys not to make it over!

It looked a banker.

But yesterday they made it over to the UK.

After they got into the place last night they messaged to say “It’s perfect!’

Happy days.

And now they are settled into 10 days of quarantining indoors the issue of food supplies reared its head!

And how to get it without leaving the front door.

Obviously all of the delivery slots are taken.

So as we always do we had a think.

We used our contacts.

Reached out to friends.

And specifically 2 friends who work in a local supermarket.

And in true Shields spirit they did not fail.

They took the order, and dropped it off all within a few hours.

So a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Joseph Todd.

I doff my cyber cap to you mate.

And once we can, I will get you a beer or 3 when we are back in Shields, or maybe at the match haha

I also want to give a HUGE thanks to the amazing local Shields cleaning company, Gleam Queen Cleaning Services – Vicky McArthur & Neil Smith.

In the hardest of years they have not let us down ONCE.

Though out the BIG lockdown, the first local lockdown and whatever it is now and all in between.

Thanks folks, you’re the best.

If you need cleaning services in 2021 and onwards you will not go wrong with these guys.

Be nice and keep helping each other.

We all need at least a little support right now.

Thanks again everyone and have a great Christmas folks. Colin.

PS – Alan! Let us know if you need anything else from the shops

PPS – the COVID update bit is that we cannot take leisure guests in either Aberdeen or South Shields, cant wait till we can, but can take workers away from home, relocation related, and other emergency booking. Please get in touch and let folk know if we can help.



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