Landlords: We need your properties!

Hi everyone, just a short and sweet one today from me!

What a lovely message from our newest owner last night.

We’ve managed her place in Aberdeen after a few minor improvements we made since last summer and as you can see she is delighted with the arrangement.

Yes another delighted owner; our 4th in Aberdeen and we have 2 in South Shields

We are expecting a large booking in the next few weeks which means we will need at least one or 2 extra properties in Aberdeen to fulfil the order.

So if you or anyone you know has a property in Aberdeen which is empty please get in touch.

We offer guaranteed rent in potentially long (or short if preferred) term agreements and look after them impeccably, like they were our own.

Our happy owners property. Loved and looked after by ourselves and enjoyed by our business guests throughout lockdown.

Please let any Aberdeen landlords you we may be able to help them.

Thanks, Colin.

Aberdeen —
18 Viewfield Gardens, Aberdeen AB15 7XN, United Kingdom

South Tyneside —
44 Hartington Terrace NE33 4DE South Shields

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