Don’t let the bed bugs bite: A day in the life of a self catering operator.

7am: Just when planning planning next social media post, the guest who checked in last night texts to inform you that he has found and duly squished a bed bug! Photos of squished bug sent as evidence!

The offending critter- Gaads man!!

Apologise to guest by text then check if it’s a good time to call. Call guest for details to help identify what, where, etc (he hadn’t been bitten! just spotted it) and apologise some more.

730am: Get your head around the shame of having a bed bug in one of your places, worry what guest may think whilst trying to stay focused and research online what the hell I need to do about this! At this point making a social media post about this sorry affair is the last thing on your mind!

8am: Message your amazing cleaner, say you might need some help with “something that’s cropped up,” being as cryptic as you can to try to get her on board, then when she asks tell her what’s been found and proceed to scare the living hell out of her! Haha! (Note: throughout the day get several texts from concerned cleaner with questions about bed bugs and facts about how long they live, etc and do your best to respond in a non alarming manner!).

830am: Contact an old friend who used to work in the pest control industry for many years and get a recommendation from him of a guy who he’d trust his life with who has worked in industry for 35 years and now runs his own company! Thank your lucky stars that you have some great mates and contacts who would help you at the drop of a hat.

Cheers Clarky mate!

845am: Speak to very knowledgable pest controller called Keith (who is also Mensi out of Angelic Upstarts brother so will likely be able to knock out a canny tune as well!).

Alright then let’s quit with this cryptical approach; his full name is Keith Mensforth!

Learn from Keith that apparently bed bugs travel around in/on suitcases, bags, etc often after travelling from warmer climate like Spain, etc and these humid summer conditions are like a dream land to them.

They are nocturnal so live near beds and come out at night so rarely see them. Learn that their presence is in no way related to cleanliness (all of our places are spotless anyway but now follow government COVID guidance).

12pm: Site visit by Keith. No further bugs found but the beasties hide behind skirting boards, etc during the day so there could be more.

Learn more about these wee critters, the fact that the spray is safe for use in hospitals but kills the little buggers in less than an hour after they walk over it! Poor things. But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do in this dog eat dog world.

3pm: Agreed plan of treatment and follow up treatment.

4pm: Inform guest of plan of action. Explain that dead bugs may be found as treatment may kill the wee rascals! Guest is assured that host (i.e. me) has done all that can be done and is happy to return back to property and complete his stay.

430pm: Be REALLY cheeky and ask Keith to pick up a nice bottle of red and leave it for the guest as a way of saying thanks for their understanding.

5pm: Treatment complete, certificate of treatment left, so guest can see it’s been done, 2 follow up treatments scheduled, guest informed of process and happy to go back into the same bed that night!

Highly recommended very professional pest control expert

6pm: Disinfectant high touch areas.

7pm: Guest returns to a bug free zone and has a glass or 2 of red and a good nights sleep!

Lessons learned.

Things happen in life that you least expect.

Something things are pretty much unavoidable.

Bed bugs make a massive blood patch when squished!

When life throws obstacles in your way the thing that matters is that you try your best and deal with them in the correct way. Act swiftly and with purpose!

Keep you guest informed.

Any pray that they are reasonable.

Finally Keith is a fantastic pest controller and general all round gent.

I highly recommend giving him a call if you have any pest control or wine shortage issues!!

Have a great nights sleep folks.



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