Guess the UK’s top trending place to visit in 2020

Did you know which city was the only place from the UK to be listed Airbnb’s top 20 trending destinations to visit in 2020?


Of course.

The FAMOUS Aberdeen.

Now as we all know we didn’t really get much time to start our 2020 travels when the big padlock landed right over all of our lives earlier this year!

But now that the shackles have been lifted a little what more reason do you need to come to see all that Aberdeen has to offer?

Their Aberdeen chat is:

“Aberdeen, located in northeast Scotland, is known as the Granite City thanks to the gleaming white stone that much of the city has been built with. Scotland’s third largest city has much to offer besides a striking cityscape: from fine dining, galleries and museums in the city itself, to rugged coastal scenery and romantic ruins in the surrounding countryside. And like many other destinations on our list, Aberdeen has major sustainability plans in place with the aim of drastically reducing carbon emissions.”

Well, I do not think that that they have bigged Aberdeen up well enough!

Did you cut and paste that from Wikipedia or what Airbnb. Also I think its pretty much accepted that most of the granite is GREY definitely not white! Haha!

3/10 must to better! Needs to concentrate more in class and it too easily distracted….


We have already started to show you all small glimpse of this fantastic city that I call home’s great buildings (I think thats what they mean by their fancy use of the word “Cityscape” – is this even a word?) and a little of our amazing beachesthe harbournature and local walks, it’s great parks, nearby castles though our photos from our family walk and talked of its history, even from inside of the beautiful Rubislaw quarry which helped make this city what it is, how it looks and lead to it’s famous “Granite” reference!


But that was back when we could only travel 5 miles from our home, before the lockdown travel restrictions were lifted earlier this month, so options were limited then to the immediate vicinity of our home as per government guidelines.

In reality, I have only just started to scratch the surface of all that this great region has to offer.

And now that we can travel more I want to show you more of Aberdeen, the Shire and the surrounding areas.

SO from someone who holidayed in Japan just before the lockdown came in the UK and they were kinda in the “trying to return to normal” phase which we are now I think and mainly enjoyed the parks, gardens and great cuisine I have a question for you.

Home in Aberdeen!

What would you like to see and hear more about (please feel free list more than one) from Aberdeen and it’s surrounding areas?

  • A – The parks
  • B – The gardens (National Trust, etc)
  • C – The castles
  • C – The local cuisine
  • D – The mountains
  • E – The rivers & beaches
  • E – The maritime / oil and gas industry (I am an ex-shipyard chemist and engineer so had to chuck this one in)
  • F – Anything else?

Now that lockdown has ended people like you and me (I’m just back fro a 2 week holiday visiting my family who live out of the area) are itching to get away.

And if you follow us on social media I’d love to hear, either in the comments section of this blog or in the post you read it though, what you enjoy most about our posts.

Many thanks.


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